10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Coca-Cola

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10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Coca-Cola

Time to find out more about Coke and see these 10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Coca-Cola! I’m sure it will surprise you to know! Every Coke drinker must know these facts!

Who haven’t heard about Coca-Cola? Coca-Cola is the most popular carbonated drink in the world.

Coca-Cola was patented as a medicine when it was invented in 19th century. The word Coke is the second most known word in the world after “hello” and/or “ok”.

The creator of Coke was in need for morphine and with the help of his medical degree, John Stith Pemberton created the most recognized drink in the world. By creating the Coke, he hoped that his addiction towards morphine will go away.

Coca-Cola is an internationally recognized drink and popular in many countries around the world, its taste is everyone’s favorite.

Although the taste is the same for everyone, American Coca-Cola tastes differently to International Coca-Cola. And in India you don’t get the same Coke that you do in the USA, because bottling of the drink is franchised.

Took them over 70 years to expand and create new flavours. Like Fanta for example, was created in the ‘40s (in Nazi Germany because of the difficulty faced by the company in importing Coca Cola syrup during the war) and was introduced in the ‘50s, followed by Sprite in ’61 and TAB and Fresca in ’63 and ’66.

The company has expanded so much, that in 2013, Coke products could be found in over 200 countries worldwide, with more than 1.8 billion beverages sold every day.

Let’s get started with 10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Coca-Cola!

10. Coca-Cola Once Contained Cocaine

It is known that the drink once contained alcohol but because of the prohibition the alcohol had to be removed from the drink.

But cocaine? Not sure many people knew about it. How you may ask?

Well, it’s pretty simple, because coke has two important ingredients: kola nuts and coca leaves. Using liquid extract from coca leaves a small amount of cocaine was included in Coke.

All that happened until the substance was altogether eliminated in 1929. Another interesting fact is that the Coca-Cola name comes from the coca leaves and kola nuts so they didn’t want to change the name despite that they removed the cocaine from the ingredients.

10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Coca-Cola
10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Coca-Cola
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