10 Amazing Inventions By Kids

15 June 2015

Inventions By Kids Which Revolutionized The World

These are the top 10 inventions by kids who were made by accident, discovered from the need to play or just tinkered like a big person does it.

This if for those who appreciate their children and think that they could think outside the box and be the future we are always taking about.

This a way of telling the world that the future relies on our kids and the fact that they mastered some things and discovered items that probably the adult wouldn’t think about, is pretty amazing.

So let’s see which are the 10 inventions that kids discovered over the year and today we use them regularly.

10. The Popsicle

To jump start the list and unfreeze the brains who can imagine children inventing stuff, we present the number 10 invention, the popsicle.

The popsicle was invented on a freezing winter in San Francisco by young Frank Epperson who forgot outside his drink.

The next day he discovered that his soda powder combined with water and the steering stick were frozen.

This happened at the age of eleven back in 1905, but he managed to make it big in 1924 when he patented after two years of selling it along the beach side in the middle of the summer.

#10 The Popsicle | Inventions By Kids | Image Source: theskinnyfork.com
#10 The Popsicle | Inventions By Kids | Image Source: theskinnyfork.com
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