Jay Leno Buys the new 2017 Ford GT as the newest Addition to his Garage & Promises a Test Drive Soon!

15 June 2017

We are So Jealous of Jay Leno’s Newest Addition to his Garage, the 2017 Ford GT!

Aren’t you jealous of Jay Leno’s newest addition to his garage, the 2017 Ford GT? We kind of are.

Jay Leno is among the first customers to receive Ford’s newest car, because why not?

He is adding this black with red striped 2017 Ford GT to his big car collection.

Leno’s garage has an estimate worth of more than 60 million, although we don’t know for sure how many cars are currently in his garage.

Some of the cars he owns have priceless value and it’s hard to estimate the exact value. But you understand now.

And with this new addition, Jay Leno has one of the most expensive car garages in the world.

The car enthusiast is truly a lucky man to have bought this Ford GT, and he would like you to know it too.

A while ago an Instagram photo surfaced where he delivered the news to his followers and gave us all the feels.

We are So Jealous of Jay Leno’s Newest Addition to his Garage, the 2017 Ford GT!
We are So Jealous of Jay Leno’s Newest Addition to his Garage, the 2017 Ford GT!

We got to see the first look at the specs of his new Ford GT has. The Shadow Black with Competition Orange stripes features what it might seem to be, the optional carbon-fiber wheels.

How many horsepower?

The new Ford GT boasts 647-horsepower which is a little detail the car lovers will surely love.

When Ford said they are going to make an exclusive list to decide who is going to get the first 500 2017 Ford GT, we are sure that Leno had to be on that list.

Saw my first #FordGT today, guess who the owner is?

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Leno introduced his new addition to his car collection via his YouTube channel, last week. During one of his restoration videos, he filmed this car as well.

However, he hasn’t posted a video about the car, yet. But we did see that he is planning to do a test video with the 2017 Ford GT “very very soon, hopefully within a couple of weeks.”

“Just gonna put some miles on it first, you know; get a feel for the thing.”

We can’t wait to see that test drive he promised us. Until then, you see Leno on his ongoing video series, Jay Leno’s Garage. The show is a true gem for car enthusiasts to see the interesting and often rare vehicles presented on the show.

What do you think about the latest addition to his car collection? Would have bought this supercar? Let us know in the comments below! Have a great day!