Louboutin Spring Summer Collection 2014 | High Heels

21 March 2014

Louboutin Spring Summer Collection 2014 | Top 10 High Heels

Since we recently talked about Louboutin’s new collection of flats, it’s only normal to present you the Top 10 High Heels in the Louboutin Spring Summer Collection 2014, right?

Us ladies have to be always prepared for any kind of classy event that requires high heels, and what other brand could be more suitable than the captivating Louboutin Collection?

With fascinating colours and bold high heels, these shoes are not only pretty, but inspirational I would say!

They can transform any outfit from boring to glamorous in just a couple of seconds, and this is what we want, luxury and style in just one pair of shoes.

Let’s have a look at Top 10 High Heels in The Louboutin Spring Summer Collection 2014.

Pigalace Dentelle

I decided to start our Top 10 High Heels from the Louboutin Spring Summer Collection 2014 with the Pigalace Dentelle because these shoes are simply amazing!

Every woman needs to own a basic pair of black stilettos, but these heels are just taking it to the next level.

The lace details give them a special kind of uniqueness and elegance that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Louboutin Spring Summer Collection 2014 | Top 10 High Heels



Heel: 12 cm.

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