The Art of Bathing: Bespoke Handcrafted Luxury Baths by Grace of London

4 October 2016

Picture yourself in a unique luxury bath which is also a majestic piece of art coated with gold and jewels. Handcrafted by Robert James Grace, every Grace of London luxury bath is in fact a dream come true.

Robert Grace, the founder of Grace of London, is the designer and craftsman behind The Art of Bathing. A unique collection of luxury bath tubs, the Art of Bathing depicts an unbelievable level of creativity and craftsmanship.

Each luxury bath comprises over 15,000 handcrafted pieces of glass incorporating 12, 18 and 24 carat white and yellow gold, silver or platinum together with Swarovski crystals.

A highly personal place, the bathroom is in fact where you can seclude yourself from outside distraction. It is where you can relax your mind and let your thoughts drift away. No wonder so many artists and scientists have stated that they get their best ideas in the shower.

“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” ~ Sylvia Plath

Bespoke Art Baths Reflecting the Clients’ Visions

Grace’s goal is for the clients to be able to enhance their bathing experience. To this end, he allows the clients to engage in the design and creation of their art baths.

Luxury bath - Grace of London
‘The Mayfair’ bath by Grace of London | Image source: goldleafsupplies.co.uk

As a result, Robert Grace’s bathtubs are bespoke works of art. To put it another way, he works intimately with clients to ensure that the bathtubs reflect their taste and personality.

Luxury bath - Grace of London
A close up on one of the feet of this elegant bathtub, which has a cover of gilt | Image source: goldleafsupplies.co.uk

Each and every piece of glass tile in the mosaic coating is assiduously hand-cut and hand-glided. Consequently, each bathtub has become a breathtaking masterpiece.

Luxury bath - Grace of London
The finish on this bath, “The Mayfair”, uses over 15,000 hand-cut pieces of glass with a cover of 24 carat gold gilt | Image source: goldleafsupplies.co.uk

The brilliant mastery of fine detail and high level of craftsmanship in each bathtub is just overwhelming.

Luxury bath - Grace of London - The Mayfair
The high level of craftsmanship together with the exquisite mastery of fine details is truly astonishing. | Image source: goldleafsupplies.co.uk

Evidently, creating such works of art requires considerable skill and craftsmanship.

Grace of London fully meets such requirement as it’s famous for their expertise with fabrics, mosaic finish, upholstery and gold leaf designs.

Luxury bath - Grace of London
Image source: graceoflondon.com

Their team includes well-known talented designers with years of experience. The fact that several of these craftsmen hold royal warrants, attests to the top quality of these superb products.

So do you think it’s worth taking a bath in on of these jeweled bathtubs? If you would like to see more luxury bathtubs, you can also check out Top 10 Most Expensive Bathtubs in the World.