Luxury Car Graveyard in Dubai Makes Car Lovers Cry

28 February 2016

Luxury Car Graveyard in Dubai Makes Car Lovers Cry

Here at Alux we love luxury cars, extravagance, money, wealth, opulence so clearly we love Dubai also! But we have to confess, this Luxury car graveyard in Dubai made us die a little inside.

We’ve grown accustomed to seeing some of the top luxury cars on the streets of Dubai, a place where owning a Porsche 911 labels you as being poor, home of some of the most extravagant diamond covered cars and the most expensive police cars in the world!

But what happens to all these high end cars when the new model comes out or you’re fleeing the country due to embezzlement?

The answer to the first question is that you try to sell your old car in order to get the new model because it makes sense and we wouldn’t want anyone to see you in the a 2013 car, it’s exactly like the iphone but for filthy rich grown-ups.

The answer to the second question, might give Richard Hammond or Jeremy Clarkson a heart attack.

The pictures speak for themselves:

Welcome to a car graveyard in Dubai!

A place where luxury cars go to die!

Luxury Car Graveyard in Dubai Makes Car Lovers Cry
Hundreds of luxury cars slowly dying in the desert Sun.

Let’s have a snoop around:

Luxury Car Graveyard in Dubai Makes Car Lovers Cry





So you’ll be leaving the country and don’t know what to do with your existing car? The answer seems simple for these people, just leave it in the streets, you’re gonna buy another one anyway.





All these cars are dusty and due to the high temperature and long term exposure to the Sun it’s unlikely to ever be used again.

Unless you get this abandoned Delorean to work and go back to when they were still functioning and maybe save some of them.


The most heart breaking piece of them all was this Limited Edition $1.5 Million Ferrari

$1.5 Million Limited edition Ferrari Enzo

Only 399 pieces were every made and it brings a tear to any car enthusiast to see it in such a condition.


Fortunately the car was in a good condition enough to be auctioned off and end up with someone who can truly appreciate it.


And these don’t even scratch the surface!

Every few months auctions are being held trying to sell some of the most expensive cars in the world ranging from limited edition Ferrari cars to Oldsmobile or collector items.

If you were to save one of these cars, which would you choose?

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