Luxury Wilderness Lodges | Top 10

31 August 2014

Luxury Wilderness Lodges | Top 10

For some people the perfect destination is composed of luxury establishments, unique places, secluded locations and not so many people, that is why we found for you the most luxury wilderness lodges out there.

With a luxury twist, these lodges are created to accommodate the tourist in a special scenery where everything around you says that you are the only one in a couple of miles.

Nothing compares with the fresh air you have every morning, the sound of the birds and quiet tone given by the fact that you are somewhere in the middle of a forest, desert or on the cliff of a mountain.

These locations were made to accommodate the people who like wildlife, like the outdoor scenery and are fond of all the activities you can do in open spaces.

So, with modern appliances, the best facilities, modern and luxury amenities they built these luxury wilderness lodges who are ready to offer you a unique experience.

The best part about it all is that in these lodges the experience isn’t related only to luxury accommodations, but also to the uniqueness of the place, every one of them is special in their own kind of way.

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10. Purcell Mountain Lodge, British Columbia Canada

For our first luxury wilderness lodge we found in the British Columbia a place where the only way to get there is by helicopter.

Posted at over 2000 meter from the sea lever this luxury lodge is in the Glacier National Park surrounded by all kinds of alpine views.

The nearest town is at 15 minutes of helicopter flight, making it also one of the most remote lodges in this area.

With snowy peaks, glacier, alpine lakes and civilization somewhere far, the lodge offers the public two kinds of programs, for summer and for winter.

So in the winter you are the first to ski on the untracked peaks and take all kinds of trips in the beautiful white and green wilderness scenery.

But in the summer the visitors here can be so privileged because the fresh air is here and the sun will hit these peaks first, reminding you that you are at 2000 meter high and in the wilderness.

Luxury Wilderness Lodges | Top 10
Purcell Mountain Lodge, British Columbia, Canada
Luxury Wilderness Lodges | Top 10
Purcell Mountain Lodge, British Columbia, Canada
Luxury Wilderness Lodges | Top 10
Purcell Mountain Lodge, British Columbia Canada

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