The Macallan is brining you a 1991 Fine & Rare Vintage Bottle of Scotch

13 February 2017

The Macallan’s $10,000 Single Malt Scotch Will Awake the God in You!

When you see Macallan’s $10,000 single malt scotch the God inside you will awake! Want to bet?

Speyside distillery Macallan has something good for you, which is a new addition to its Fine & Rare Collection called Macallan 1991 Fine & Rare vintage.

Founded in 1824 in the heart of Speyside, The Macallan was one of the first distilleries in Scotland to be legally licensed. Since then it has built a reputation as one of the world’s finest single malt whiskies.

The 26-year-old single malt was made by Macallan master whisky maker Bob Dalgarno from cask number 7021, an American oak Sherry puncheon from the Vasyma cooperage in Spain, which was filled with new make spirit on 28 March 1991.

Bottled at 49.4% abv, this whiskey joins a collection of single malts special designed to ‘offer new insights into the aroma and flavour characteristics’ of the Speyside distillery.

‘We are proud that since the very first release of the 1926 Fine & Rare that this collection of vintage single malts has come to stand for the best in the industry, commanding worldwide acclaim and admiration from single malt enthusiasts,’ said Charlie Whitfield, manager of brand education and Fine & Rare whiskies.

Priced at $10,000 this single malt scotch follows the events when Dubai-based fine wine and spirits airport retailer Le Clos sold a collection of Macallan Fine & Rare malts for $500,000 in December last year, breaking its own record for travel retail.

“The Macallan Fine & Rare collection continues to charm collectors around the world and the demand grows with each new bottling,” said Macallan Manager of Brand Education and Fine & Rare Whiskies, Charlie Whitfield, in a prepared statement.

The aroma of this scotch has apple touches, dried fruit and vanilla, followed by ginger, nutmeg and almonds.

The Macallan’s $10,000 Single Malt Scotch Will Awake the God in You!
The Macallan’s $10,000 Single Malt Scotch Will Awake the God in You! |source: Macallan|

With a Glossy Cinnamon color, this whiskey has a nice finish of notes of fruit, soft oak, and velvet sweetness. On the palate, the taste is sweet spice, raisin and fig.

The earliest vintage released to date from the Fine & Rare line was the 1926 bottling, of which only 40 bottles where produced.

It was a 60-year-old expression, and these days when one does pop up at auction it will certainly sale for a lot of money.

The 1991 Fine & Rare will retail at approximately $10,000 USD per 750ml bottle. For purchasing inquiries, you can send an email at Inquiries.us@themacallan.com.

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