Is this Moroccan Getaway the most Beautiful Resort on the Planet?

5 September 2016

Could the Mandarin Oriental Resort be the most Beautiful Hotel on the Planet?

The Mandarin Oriental Resort almost defies description. First of all, its location is completely ideal. The resort is situated with a 20 hectare garden. You’ll feel completely isolated, in a world of your own and at peace as soon as you check in. Furthermore, the resort offers a great view of the Atlas mountains. Finally, despite its isolated feel, the resort is very close to the city of Marrakech.

The Resort offers a combination of suite and villa accommodations for guests. It boasts 54 villas with private heated pools and jacuzzi as well as 7 luxury suites with rooftop plunge pools. Guests can enjoy the 24-hour dining service with meals served hot from the kitchen and directly to your room around the clock.

Guided tours of the surrounding area complete with private driver are just one of several luxuries available to guests. The resort is close to two of the loveliest golf courses in the world. Either Royal Golf or Golf Al Maaden will provide enthusiasts with a once-in-a-lifetime round on a world class course.

Finally, take a look below at some of the views you’ll be able to enjoy at the beautiful Hotel Oriental in Marrakech.

Views of the Beautiful Mandarin Oriental Resort

Mandarin Oriental Resort - Dock view
Dock and Water at Sunset | mandarinoriental.com 

Every villa includes a pool, so the water seen in this photo is just to look at. In the background, rows of private villas line the dock. Can you envision yourself occupying one of these exclusive rooms for a few nights?

Mandarin Oriental Resort - Indoor Pond
Pond with Tree Centre-piece | mandarinoriental.com

This pond is a great example of the magnificent beauty of the Mandarin Oriental Resort. This pond isn’t for swimming, but its clear water and gorgeous centre-piece will take your breath away.

Mandarin Oriental Resort - Landscape View
View of the resort from across the pond | mandarinoriental.com

Palm trees and still water invoke a sense of calm at this lovely resort. Envision yourself soaking in the afternoon sun on one of the luxurious tanning beds provided around this heated pool. Don’t forget sunscreen!

Mandarin Oriental Resort - View from above
View from outside | mandarinoriental.com

From atop your luxury suite, you’ll have a view of the mountainous landscape of Morocco, beautiful trees and rooftops and blue skies.

Mandarin Oriental Resort - View from the Suite terrace
Suite terrace, view of the indoor pond | mandarinoriental.com

Could this be the best place in the world to enjoy afternoon tea? Soft, inviting furniture and cinnamon coffee combine to conjure memories that will last a lifetime.

Is this stunning resort the most beautiful in the world? Let us know in the comments section or on social media.

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Visit Mandarin Oriental for more information on this luxury resort in Marrakech.