Become a Modern Gentleman: Get Back In Shape

10 January 2015

Become a Modern Gentleman: Get Back In Shape

Hi there, it’s me again, and I’m here to bring you the next step in order to become a modern gentleman!

Remember how we talked about taking baby steps? If at first we talked about a quick getaway to relax a bit and start fresh, well, now it’s time to put some effort into looking and feeling good!

So that’s why, as the title suggests, it’s time for you to get back in shape.

You might think that this will only improve your appearance, well you’re not wrong, but it’s also a good thing for your health.

And once you get started you’ll get a boost of confidence which will make you feel awesome!

So are you ready to do it? I hope you are, because this is an important step you need to take to become a true modern gentleman!

But what’s the first step, you might ask yourself, well, if you lack the motivation, we suggest hitting the gym and getting a personal trainer.

Become a Modern Gentleman Get Back In Shape
Become a Modern Gentleman Get Back In Shape – Get a Personal Trainer – via uhhospitals.org

So which are the benefits of hiring a personal trainer? This way, you’ll have someone to encourage and support you every step of the way, and that’s not all.

  • It’s personalized – Every single one of us has a different body, and that means a different approach on the exercises. So who might know what’s best for you? Yes, a professional personal trainer!
  • It keeps a workout balanced – In order to keep your body at its peak, you should incorporate cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility training.
  • It fights boredom – You know you tried working out by yourself at home at some point, and it starts getting boring. That’s because you kept repeating the same stuff over and over again, but a personal trainer will know exactly how to make your workout more interesting and less boring, introducing new exercises along the way.
  • It decreases injury risk – A good trainer will show and teach you the proper mechanics of each exercise and the correct form, that way, the risk of an injury will be kept at a minimum level.
  • It provides feedback – Considering that the trainer you’re working with is present during all your exercises, he can correct or adjust your program as needed.

Now if you’re the “I’ll do it myself” type, you might consider some awesome workout apps for that. They obviously won’t help you as much as a personal trainer will, but it’s still something.

And we’re going to give you a little help with that. We scouted the internet for you, and found some apps that will get you going in no time!


“The Runtastic app tracks sports and fitness activities – such as running, jogging, biking & walking – utilizing GPS technology to help you build healthy lifestyle habits and reach exercise goals!”

Become a Modern Gentleman Get Back In Shape


Six Pack Abs

This is yet another awesome app from Runastic, the “..Six Pack app is perfect for you! Lose weight, ditch the belly & get the flat abdominals you’ve always wanted by following our instructional videos & easy-to-use plans – anytime, anywhere.”

Become a Modern Gentleman Get Back In Shape

FitStar Personal Trainer

“Workout anytime, anywhere with FitStar Personal Trainer. Never miss an opportunity to get a customized workout while traveling, when you can’t make it to the gym, or don’t want to pay for a costly personal trainer.”

Become a Modern Gentleman Get Back In Shape

These three apps are rated as some of the best apps of the year, and they’ll help you get back in shape in no time. That’s if you’re willing to put in the extra effort.

So at the end, it’s up to you if you decide to look and feel a lot better. And if you’re searching for a little motivation, just remember that it’s not that long until summer, and you’ll want to turn some heads on the beach.

Now you’d better get to work, and remember to keep a positive attitude, and stay confident!