These Most Expensive Android Phones Make iPhone Way Cheaper

20 January 2017

14. Solarin ($17,000)

15 Most Expensive Android Phones in the World | #14. Solarin ($17,000)
15 Most Expensive Android Phones in the World | #14. Solarin ($17,000) | source: t3.com

If you visit SirinLabs.com, you’ll get the idea of how exclusive its product is right away. This Solarin phone is all about technology at its finest. And unlike Savelli phone we saw earlier, Solarin is not a jewelry phone. There is no encrusted diamond on it. So, the $17,000 you spend on this phone is all for its fine technology.

Solarin offers high performance with high level of security. As you can see from the picture above, that round-ish feature on the back of the phone is not just to complement its fine Italian leather. But that is the phone’s security shield. It creates an isolated environment to ensure your calls and messages immune at the highest level. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy seemed to be impressed with this phone when they attended its first launch in London last year.

It took Sirin Labs two years to develop this handset. Experts worked hard at the company’s facilities in both Tel Aviv and Sweden to assemble it. And in total, they spent around $72 million in the process alone.

Powered by Qualcomm@ Snapdragon 810 with 2GHz octa-core, 64-but CPU, 4GB RAM, 128GB storage, and featured by fingerprint sensor, what else you could have asked for?

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