Most Expensive Antiques in the World | Top 10

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Most Expensive Antiques in the World

Have you ever wonder what are the most expensive antiques ever sold ?

Some items are worth just the production cost + the work equivalent of putting it together. On the other side of the spectrum we find items that are not value by their practical matter but by the history attached to it!

Most of these items we’re gonna take a look at are important milestone elements in our history and by preserving them we manage to have a look in the past!

For a person who loves archaeology, antiquing , full of history items, this article should be a good lecture for you.

If we’ve learned anything here at Ealuxe is that people will pay incredible amounts of money just to be the only one who can say they posses a certain item. This article is about exactly that, these items are unique and collectors go crazy for them!

Let’s get started and see what are the most expensive antiques in the world, and then let us know what you think.

#10 Napoleon’s Sword – $6.4 million

We’re kicking off out top 10 with this incredible sword!

Napoleon’s sword is the cheapest item from our top list, yet for some of our budgets, not that cheap.

This sword is embellished with gold and saw action in battle in early 1880s.

After the battle, the sword reached in Napoleon’s brother hands, as a wedding gift.

It was declared a French national treasure (1978). Also, it was auctioned in France for $6.4 million.

It stands as a symbol of victory, power and strategy!

Most Expensive Antiques in the World | Top 10 | #10 Napoleon's Sword - $6.4 million
Most Expensive Antiques in the World | Top 10 | #10 Napoleon’s Sword – $6.4 million
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