Most Expensive Beer in the World

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Most Expensive Beer in the World

Let’s get to the Most Expensive Beer in the World!

With all the wine and the most expensive drinks we have forgotten about other beverages.

For example about the beer- The good cold tasty beer- who doesn’t like beer?

What’s that one person that never tasted a beer? I think every single one of you knows how the beer tastes.

But let’s not forget about beer anymore. How much do you pay for a beer?

We made this article about the most expensive beer in the world and I invite you to join the online tour!

Beer is important in our lives. We drink it every time we can. Mostly the guys when they watch football or just TV. Am I right? But girls drink beer too!

Let’s see what the highest price for a beer is.

The most expensive beer in the world is called Antarctic Nail Ale. It goes between $800 and $1,850 for 500 ml.

Most Expensive Beer in the World

This beer is expensive because it is collected right from an iceberg in the Antarctic then flown to Tasmania and then melted and utilized in Perth.

One bottle sold for $800 bucks and after a while another bottle of beer sold for $1,850 at an auction.

MoMost Expensive Beer in the World

This beer was made for special occasion and put it to an auction to support “Save the Whales” campaign undertaken by Sea Shepherds.

The Antarctic Nail Ale came special from the Antarctic freeze for you, for you to have the best and the purest water used to make a brew.

Most Expensive Beer in the World

This people made a beer to save the whales. My faith in humanity is officially restored.

What have you done to save the animals?

They made a special 30-bottles edition just for this cause, to protect our ecosystem.

Most Expensive Beer in the World
Most Expensive Beer in the World| The Label of Antarctic Nail Ale beer |


What have you done about it? I think is time for you to create something for our environment. If they done it, you can too!

What do you think of the Most Expensive Beer in the World? Would you take a sip but just a sip?

Tell us more the in comments section below and don’t forget to share the love with your friends!


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