Most Expensive Coca-Cola Collectibles | Top 10

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Most Expensive Coca-Cola Collectibles | Top 10

Coca-Cola is the brand that we grew up with as kids, teenagers, and now adults. The soda was present in our life with commercials, different types of bottles, huge campaigns, tons of soda and last but not least, a large variety of collectibles. And now it’s time to see  the Most Expensive Coca-Cola Collectibles Top 10, a list of rare, limited and unique items.

Every kid remembers the first Coca-Cola bottle he opened, the sound of the cap when it was twisted off and the taste that makes it the best. After the first bottle, was the first commercial when we entered the world of Coca-Cola trough the eyes of visionary men and women who wanted us to like this drink. Before we even realized it, we were Coca-Cola fans, started to drink more, and to make the soft drink part of our life.

This is were the brand made something different for the people. They started making collectibles for the everyday drinking person to use as often as he wants. The company amazed the crowd with free bottles, drinking cups, glasses and the list can go on depending on the use of the item. Who thought that over the years these collectibles can be sold for hundreds, thousands or millions.

Yeah, you heard me right. The fans are going wild when they see the vintage, old or one of a kind collectible and will pay a fortune for it. So for the rich fans of Coca-Cola the next ten collectibles can be a dream come true or the next collectible to buy. So guys lets see the most expensive Coca-Cola collectibles. ->

10. 1930 Coca-Cola Neon and Clock Building Sign – 50.000$

The first item on this list is the biggest collectible item and was posted over one of the famous Coca-Cola bottling plant in Ohio.

Dated to the late 1930 the sign is the only one ever made from metal bezel and trim, hands and clock face. With some of the parts replaced over the years, this fine piece can be posted over any building, in it’s price the owner its including the installation.

The wow of it, is the embossed porcelain with extensive neon tubing and highlights specific from that period, that makes it glow even in the darkest night. For the price of 50.000$ this is the first expensive Coca-Cola collectible that  you wealthy people out there can buy to decorate a building.

Most Expensive Coca-Cola Collectibles | Top 10
1930 Coca-Cola Neon Building and Clock Sign

Most Expensive Coca-Cola Collectibles | Top 10
1930 Coca-Cola Neon Building and Clock Sign

Number 9 is in perfect shape! -> NEXT:Coca-Cola Calendar

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