Taste the Most Expensive Coffee in the World!

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Taste the Most Expensive Coffee in the World!

If you’re a coffee lover and you want to know which is the world’s most expensive coffee, you’re in the right place!

Everyone needs coffee, a beverage that is essential to us. It’s very popular especially to those who require an energy boost.

This beverage acts as a stimulant, as well as a digestive aid and comes in many varieties. As a crop, coffee is cultivated worldwide in over 70 countries, and consumed in hundreds.

If you’re a coffee lover you should know about the world’s most expensive types of coffee. Let’s get straight to business!

5Black Ivory Coffee – Price: $50 a cup

We begin our top 5 of the highest priced coffee in the world with Black Ivory Coffee.
The founder of this tasteful coffee is Blake Dinkin.

Black Ivory Coffee is produced from Thai Arabica beans, picked from an altitude of 5.000 feet and then fed to Thai elephants.

A day later, the elephant’s caretaker picks them up from the dung. It takes 72 pounds of Thai Arabica beans in order to produce 2 pounds of Black Ivory.

The coffee was launched at several hotels all over the world and comes with a price tag of $1.100 per kilogram.

Top 5 Most Expensive Coffee in the World - EALUXE.COM | Black Ivory Coffee
Black Ivory Coffee via viralfitnow.com
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