Taste the Most Expensive Coffee in the World!

29 May 2015

4Saint Helena Coffee – Price: $79 a cup

We continue our top 5 list with a cup of Saint Helena coffee.

Saint Helena coffee is produced in a small island in South Pacific Ocean, also known as the island of Saint Helena ‘Green Tipped’ Bourbon.

The beans from which this coffee is made are medium roasted, with high lively acidity.

It takes 4 months to sundry the beans. Saint Helena coffee features a delicious flavor with floral-fruity hints of citrus and caramel.

Saint Helena – There is an excellent sample of coffee from this island, from a private Garden of Mr S. Magnus of which Honourable Mention is made.’

Top 5 Most Expensive Coffee in the World - EALUXE.COM | Saint Helena Coffee
Saint Helena Coffee via spilling-the-beans.net
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