Most Expensive Dating Site Ever

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    Most Expensive Dating Site Ever

    What is the most expensive dating site ever?

    In these days finding the one challenge is not that hard as it used to be.

    But the modern days come with a problem – time. We don’t have time to go out and meet the true love because of the modern days where we need to be in ten places at once.

    How else we find the one? By our friends and family- that could be a solution, right? But what if that isn’t going to work either?

    We go out to meet new people. Yea, that sounds cool and all, but like I said before, we don’t have time. What else then?

    The dating sites, of course! We can come to them for help. But how much we pay for that?

    Well, this one site in particular it helps you find the one in the exchange of an enormous amount of money.

    Most Expensive Dating Site Ever

    Is called MillionairesClub123.com and if you are a girl you get a free passage.

    But for men is different, they have to pay $25,000 a year to date on this site.

    The amount of 25k includes an in-person date coaching session and relationship counsel.

    Other than that you get an image consulter and hypnotherapy.

    If you are not in shape but you want to find a lover the site also gives you access to a personal trainer.

    But if you are not happy of your looks a plastic surgeon and hair stylist are at your services.

    Basically you just do nothing, because a professional matchmaker takes care of the matches for you.

    Most Expensive Dating Site Ever

    Another help you can get is from a dating agency called Berkeley International and is located in the UK.

    Their fees start at £10,000 plus the VAT. Is one of the most expensive dating agencies in Europe.

    The member ships fees can go up to £60,000 where the founder itself Mairead Molloy takes care of the business. She flies all over the world to find you the perfect match; at this price I think who wouldn’t?

    And you think no one will pay that kind of money for any of these dating helpers, but you’ll be surprised to see how many already have.

    Most Expensive Dating Site Ever

    The desire for love pushes people to do wild things, even to pay £10,000 for a match.

    You know when you go out and buy drinks and try to find the one, right? Well, here is kind of the same thing, is still expensive but you are sure you’ll find someone.

    Most Expensive Dating Site Ever

    How much would you pay to find the one true love? Is there a way to find true love by paying to make it happen? Tell us your opinions about this matter in the comment section below!

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