Most Expensive Deleted Scenes Ever

4 March 2014

Most Expensive Deleted Scenes Ever

I’m here to tell you about the Most Expensive Deleted Scenes Ever.

It doesn’t matter what kind of film is as long as its length is suitable for the company, the film has to respect some standards or the scenes might get deleted. This is what happened with Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen”, where several scenes were removed from the final version of the film.

Most Expensive Deleted Scenes Ever

Initially Zack didn’t agree with the cut, he only wanted a handful of scenes to be left out from the final edited version, but eventually they will be  some of the Most Expensive Deleted Scenes Ever.

Originally Zack Snyder, wanted to always stay close to the source material as possible, just like he did with the movie “300”, but “Watchmen” was too complex to be shown only in three hours time, they had to cut some of the scenes out and that’s why is the movie with the Most Expensive Deleted Scenes Ever.

Because “Watchmen” (2009) is a story originally from comic-book series and because is a slightly more complex and in one of its many layers is the pirate comic-within-a-comic “Tales Of The Black Freighter”, in which a young boy is reading on the streets of Moore’s epic, the scene was initially included, but the company said they can’t include it because the film is already pushing three hours long. Ultimately, Snyder shot the story as a 26-minute animation, with Gerard Butler leading the voice cast.

Most Expensive Deleted Scenes Ever

After dabbling with inserting it into the main narrative, it was instead released as a very pricey (30-50% more than average), straight-to-DVD bonus.

The movie had a production budget of $130 million, according to Box Office. The worldwide gross was $185,258,983, which was far below what they were hoping.

Here is a  Director’s cut of one scene: In the first frame we see  an image of the Tales of the Black Freighter comic book, which looks  lovingly detailed. Some Knot Tops ascend to the top of a nearby staircase and painfully and poorly deliver some clunky exposition before heading off to track down Hollis Mason (Stephen McHattie), the original Nite Owl. We cut to Mason, who is chatting with Sally Jupiter (Carla Gugino) and reminiscing about the old days. They wrap up their conversation as Mason is attacked and killed by the Knot Tops.

What do you think about Most Expensive Deleted Scenes Ever? Did you liked the movie? Was it good without all the deleted scenes? You think they shouldn’t have delete the scenes? Leave your opinion in the comments and don’t forget to tell your friends about it! 🙂