Most Expensive Diamond Clothing

11 September 2014

8.Secret Circus Jeans – $1.2 million

And we hit the stage of one million dollars with a pair of jeans!

If you ask me, this one is outrageous! Don’t expect some fantastic design, no. This is just a simple pair of jeans with absolutely nothing special, except one little detail on the back pocket.

The reason this pair of jeans is so expensive is that somewhere on the back pocket there is a detail made of 15 of the highest quality diamonds with various cuts, from Marquise and all the way to Princess.

But is it really the best idea to buy these jeans? A pair of jeans isn’t forever, they fade away in time and to pay 1.2 million dollars for that doesn’t seem that smart to me.

Maybe you should just buy a normal pair of jeans and accessorize it with a diamond necklace, maybe one of the most expensive Tiffany&Co. jewelry pieces, because that definitely is forever!

most expensive diamond clothing
most expensive diamond clothing
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