Most Expensive Domain Names

13 September 2014

Most Expensive Domain Names | Top 10

I present you today the most expensive domain names ever sold!

The internet sure is a fascinating thing, but did you ever stop and think how much is it worth?

There are million of websites that we access everyday and some of them we have absolutely no idea how much they actually cost.

You’ll be surprised to see how many domain names are worth million of dollars. Just think about this: the cheapest domain from this list was sold at the unbelievable price of 8.5 million dollars!

Let’s see how much a domain name can cost and who had the money to buy it!


10.Fb.com – $8.5 million

Well, this should come as no surprise.

Of course Facebook had to be found on this list of the most expensive domain names ever bough, but I’m not talking about Facebook.com here, no.

So whenever you’re in a hurry and you want to text somebody and refer to Facebook, what’s the contraction you use? Fb, of course!

Well, Facebook couldn’t take the risk of million of people accidentally try to access Fb.com and loose so many visitors. I mean, come on, they’re smart guys. So naturally, they bought the domain that represented the most obvious contraction of their business, Fb.com, for 8.5 million dollars, so everybody’s safe and happy now!

most expensive domain names
most expensive domain names
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