These Are the 10 Most Expensive Earbuds in the World

1 March 2015

Ten Most Expensive Earbuds in the World

These are the most expensive earbuds currently on the market!

I’m not sure what do you prefer though; earphones or headphones but you can find some pricy headphones here. And about the earbuds we are about to get into that!

With the earbuds you can take your music experience to a whole new level! It is time to change your oversized headphones with new stylish ones.

It is true, time passes faster when you have a pair of earbuds plugged to your phone.  And you can afford buying as many pairs as you want, because these accessories usually don’t cost that much.

However, if you have a taste for finer things and money aren’t a problem to you, why not buy a pair of these most expensive earbuds.

This top we made is about the highest priced earbuds in the world, so without no further questions, we’ll get straight to business!

10) Gold Titanium-Coated Bullet Earbuds by Munitio -$179, 00

The first item on our list is these extravagant bullet-shaped earbuds made by Munition.

San Diego-based precision sound brand Munitio, has set new standard in the listener enjoyment and electronic accessory fashion with the release of the first titatnium-coated and 18k plated earbuds.

With their unique design, the earbuds are the ultimate musical experience for the people who are vigorous in their musical endeavors.

The earphones are exceptional because of their impeccable precision and optimal sound quality.

Ten Most Expensive Earbuds in the World
Ten Most Expensive Earbuds in the World N10) Gold Titanium-Coated Bullet Earbuds by Munitio -$179, 00|pics via: munitio.com|

Aimed to catch the attention for the hip-hop and electronic music crowds, the Nines (because that’s their name) are a bulletproof option for all audiences out there.

They are perfect if you wish to achieve the clear and smooth highs for warm and grasping sound of your favorite songs.

Priced at almost $200, the Nines earbuds by Munitio are one of the priciest earbuds in our list.

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