10 Most Expensive Film Stunts Ever Performed

15 June 2015

10 Most Expensive Film Stunts Ever Performed

Haven’t you heard? These are the most expensive film stunts ever performed!

After we have seen the actors who did their stunts, it is time to take a look at the stunts they performed.

Because, those can be pretty expensive too. Most of the action films are filmed using green screen special effects, but stunt people are always there putting all the real live-action into the film.

While many directors choose to use CGI for their films, some prefer to take the action into their hands.

For a movie scene to be as real as possible, stunt coordinators are working day and night to make that happen.

But what makes the stunt doubles to risk their life for the sick of film industry? Perhaps, money?

Or that adrenaline rush? Either way, these incredible people seem to be underrated and under-recognized for the service that they provide, all in the name of entertainment.

But let’s see that 10 most expensive film stunts ever performed!

10. Cliffhanger, aerial rope stunt -$1 million

The 1993 film, Cliffhanger absolutely nailed their stunts. Everything was perfect, but the most elaborate stunt of them all was classed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive aerial stunt ever performed in film industry.

The scene that required stunt assistance had fearless British stuntman Simon Crane climbing a rope between two moving airplanes at 15,000 feet. He not only did an amazing job and the stunt looked incredible, but also did it without a safety harness.

The insurance group refused to insure Crane for the scene, because the stunt was so dangerous.

Logistics of the scene involved aerial perfection; if the planes did not maintain a synchronized speed of exactly 150mph, the big DC-9 could have stalled, with disastrous effect; if the planes were going any faster, the wind force would probably tear Crane’s body to pieces.

All of the effort and death-defying stunts that went into the making of the film clearly paid off; Cliffhanger was a critically acclaimed success that made $250 million at the box office worldwide.

10 Most Expensive Film Stunts Ever Performed
10 Most Expensive Film Stunts Ever Performed
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