Most Expensive Flowers | Top 10

8 August 2014

Most Expensive Flowers | Top 10

You don’t have to be a girl to like flowers and more than that you could learn something about some unique flowers because we are going to present the most expensive flowers in the world.

Used to the plain roses on the corner flower shop? Wait a minute and stop to read in the following about the most expensive flowers in the world.

If you are tired of spending some small cash on a mediocre bouquet, we present to you a list of unique flowers who can be a game changer for you.

They will surprise the lovely girl who you want to impress and make you the guy with a unique idea.

These are the flowers who will definitely cost and will be the pride of every flower shop.

They are one of a kind flowers with unique places of provenience, a small period of blossom or they are the product of plenty years of research.

So guys are you prepared to empty your pockets or even give a fortune to impress a girl because the next batch of flowers rises the standard a little bit and makes it in the luxury category, listed as the most expensive flowers out there.

They are fascinating and famous nature products who made the headlines because they have a unique feature that raised the price instantly.

So we are going to present you the most expensive flowers in the world, a list of flowers who can easily empty your card and even your bank account.

10. The Lisianthus

For our first contender on the list of most expensive flowers we have the Lisianthus, also called Eustoma grandiflorum, a flower who has a price from 10$ to 35$ for the bundle.

This flower blossoms annually and they are known to last long after they were cut, almost 3 weeks after they are put in water.

With a blooming period from the early summer until the late summer these flowers will impress the girl you want because they are unique being found in a great variety of colors from white, lavender, blue, violet, purple even shades of pink.

On the other hand they were found bicolored and some are occasionally found in yellow or carmine-red, enlarging the color palette from where you can pick something nice for your significant one.

The provenience of the name is from the Greek language where lysis means dissolution and anthos means flower.

The Lisianthus may vary from 15 to 60 cm and can be found in grasslands and in areas of uneven disturbed ground.

So if you are in warmer regions like the Southern United States, Mexico, the Caribbean or the northern South America, you have to search for these delicate flowers who have oval wide petals.

The slightly ruffled petals form a 5 cm diameter flower who is nicknamed the “paper flower” due to it’s fragile state and tricky form of growing.


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