Most Expensive Foods In Japan | Top 10

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Most Expensive Foods In Japan | Top 10

Wondering which are the most expensive foods in Japan? We have the answer!

Japan has a lot of weird things to offer, and with weirdness comes price, so we’ve made a list of the costliest foods in the country.

We’ve already talked about some of them in the most rare and expensive foods article, but we’ve added some more for you to enjoy.

So if you are visiting Japan any time soon, take some extra cash with you because you might want to try these interesting foods.

But be careful, one of the items could actually kill you. Willing to pay the price?

Let’s have a look at Japan’s most pricey food!

10.Milk — $43

We start our top costliest foods in Japan with milk.

The Nakazawa Foods are selling milk for a price nearly 30 times higher than regular milk, $43 per quart (1.13 litres).

Nakazawa Foods milk comes with stress relieving qualities, because the milk is taken from the cows at dawn, when the animals release more melatonin, which lowers anxiety or forms of depression.

This brand is aimed at:

adults who live in a stressful society.

So, do you want to try some relaxing milk?

Most Expensive Foods In Japan - Nakazawa Foods Milk
Most Expensive Foods In Japan – Nakazawa Foods Milk

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