Most Expensive Guns in the World

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Most Expensive Guns in the World | TOP 10

Have you seen the most expensive guns in the world?

We’ve search the entire web to find an accurate list of the most expensive guns in the world, but no luck. After going through all the lists and all over the internet, we found 10 guns worth displaying.

Some of them cost more than your own home, but if you can afford it then you can have it.

Dan Bilzerian for example would love every gun in this top. As you already know from [here] Dan is a fan of big expensive guns.

But enough talking, let’s get to the most expensive guns in the world!

10. Fuhrer’s Golden Gun – $125,000

On number 10, on the top of the most expensive guns, we present to you the Fuhrer’s Golden Gun!

As you may noticed the gun belonged to Adolf Hitler and he got it for his 50th birthday as a present from one of his friends.

Among all the guns and all those gifts, a Golden Gun stood up. The gun had Hitler’s initials inlaid with gold on the ivory grips.

Carl Walther, whose family made hundreds of thousands of weapons, was the one to give the special gift.

After his birthday Hitler liked the pistol so much that he had the pistol shipped to Munich, where he kept it in a desk drawer in his apartment.

Eventually the gun had a life after Hitler and was sold more than once all over the globe. In 1987, the gun was sold at an auction for $125,000, the highest price ever paid for an item of military memorabilia.

Most Expensive Guns in the World | TOP 10
Most Expensive Guns in the World | TOP 10
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