Most Expensive Hats | Top 10

18 September 2014

Most Expensive Hats | Top 10

If it’s sunny outside you could put on a hat, or if it is raining you could do the same, but when your salary rises the normal average and you are cataloged as rich you could try one of the most expensive hats in the world.

These hats are made from unique materials and represent the best of their kind as well as the costliest.

For those people who think that money isn’t an issue, these one of a kind and pricey hats could easily satisfy their need to spend a lot of money.

So guys if your bank account is composed of 8 or more figures, this is the right place to see if you can get a hat that measure not only your head but also your pockets.

So one of these hats could easily go with one of the most expensive ties in the world, if it’s a men’s hat, or be on the head of one of the best paid models who could actually own it if not wear it on a catwalk.

Let’s see the most expensive hats in the world and what material were used to make them->

10. Ann Demeulemeester Paille Hat – $1000

The last place on the list of most expensive hats is held by an Ann Demeulemeester piece, the Belgian designer being a famous international fashion creator for several years.

Searching the internet for this piece we found it for the price of 1000 dollars being a pretty accessible hat for most of the women.

But when you think that most of the big designers like Dior or Armani have less expensive hats, we thought that this hat was perfect for our list.

The hat has unique features, first of all the oversized shape, with a dramatic top and and with and enormous projecting edge around the bottom of the hat.

The brim is 14 inches and due to the special blend of materials, consisting in part nylon and other polyester, it is a little bit wavy.

The hat is perfect for those sunny day’s when women just like to lay on the beach in the bright sun and read a book, because the special shape could easily offer you protection and cover even the book in front of you.

Most Expensive Hats | Top 10
Ann Demeulemeester Paille Hat – $1000

Next hat belongs to a former superstar->

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