Most Expensive Items of Marilyn Monroe’s Memorabilia

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Most Expensive Items of Marilyn Monroe’s Memorabilia | TOP 10

Have you seen the Most Expensive Items of Marilyn Monroe’s Memorabilia? The personal objects that once belonged to Hollywood’s most famous blonde were auctioned for quite some amounts of money.

Let’s see how much did the collectors spend when the personal items of Marilyn Monroe were auctioned.

#10- MAKEUP CASE: $266,500

Every woman needs her make up kit, and Marilyn wasn’t an exception from this rule.

Her make-up case was sold by Christie’s auction house in 1999 for $266,500. The personal kit of the actress includes a wide selection of make-up products.

Monroe was a great fan of make-up and loved some of the most famous brands which are still on the market.

From brands like Erno Lazlo and Elizabeth Arden (she loved some of their eye shadows, eyeliners) to Max Factor and Revlon.

The kit featured three Max Factor lipsticks, two bottles of Revlon nail polish, a Leichner of London eyeshadow, two bottles of Shisheido perfumed lotion, an Anita d’Foged Day Dew cream, as well as a pair of false eyelashes and eyeshadow from Glorene of Hollywood, a collection of restaurant matchboxes, and a bottle of smelling salts.

We already know that when she wasn’t wearing any make-up she would put on olive oil as a protective agent, but that’s all we know about her beauty tricks.

#10- MAKEUP CASE $266,500
Most Expensive Items of Marilyn Monroe’s Memorabilia | TOP 10 | #10- MAKEUP CASE $266,500

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