Most Expensive Items of Marilyn Monroe’s Memorabilia

9 October 2014

#9- PINK SATIN GOWN: $320,000

“Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” is the movie you are looking for. Monroe had a glowing part to play in it and it’s a film you must watch.

Aside her glowing role, she also wore a pink satin gown. With the help of the gown she made diamonds even more famous than they already were.

The dress she wore in the classic film was sold during a “Profiles in History” auction in 2010 for the wow price of $320,000.

The gown was designed by a famous costume designer named William Travilla. She wore the dress in some of the best moments from the film.

In the role of gold-digging Lorelei Lee, she sang Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, an often imitated Hollywood screen moments.

#9- PINK SATIN GOWN $320,000
Most Expensive Items of Marilyn Monroe’s Memorabilia | TOP 10 |#9- PINK SATIN GOWN $320,000

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