Protect in Style with the Most Expensive Laptop Sleeve in the World

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Protect in Style with the Most Expensive Laptop Sleeve in the World

Tech lovers, have you ever wondered how much the world’s most expensive laptop sleeve costs? Luckily, Ealuxe has the answer so you won’t have to search.

Laptops are one of the technology’s most expensive pieces, so it’s worth protecting them.
Besides clean it up and other processes, the laptop should look good on the outside.

Tech accessories have always been popular across all cultures and ages, and so has fine jewelry.

Nowadays the more fancy and odd the product is, the more likely it is that there will be someone out there who appreciates it and will want to own it. At any cost!

This makes the most valuable laptop sleeve a must-have for collectors!

But first things first. Founded in 2007 by 2 men from Rotterdam, Holland, CoverBee is a company that creates gorgeous, fashionably and, most important, useful products, such as iPad cases, iPad mini sleeves, iPhone sleeves and … the most expensive laptop sleeve in the world.

Most Expensive Laptop Sleeve in the World | The $11 million accessory definitely makes the laptop look exquisite!
The $11 million accessory definitely makes the laptop look exquisite! via

The highest-priced laptop sleeve features 8.800 diamonds, making it the new favorite item one true fashionista could have.

Each diamond has been graded VS in clarity and F in color. ‘Diamonds have always had a special place in our hearts, and now they will cover our laptops.’

At its opening the costliest laptop sleeve is embellished with Siberian sable fur. Because the diamonds could scratch the laptop at the opening, they had to include a black sable fur at the opening of the sleeve.

For those concerned about animal welfare, a spokesman explained: ‘CoverBee never kills animals and if using animals at all, only animals which died of a natural cause.’

Inspired by the ‘I Am Rich’ iPhone app, which costs $999.99 by the way, CoverBee spent more than 2 years in order to create the perfect design for this luxurious laptop sleeve.
And the price tag of the tech item rewards their hard work.

The most expensive laptop sleeve costs a whopping $11 million.

Guess what? CoverBee spent millions of dollars on the laptop sleeve’s security, much more than the sleeve itself costs.

Most Expensive Laptop Sleeve in the World | A tech item every true fashionista should own.
A tech item every true fashionista should own via

Would you pay $11 million for the diamond laptop sleeve? If so, you can order the Diamond Sleeve by contacting CoverBee directly through their website,

This concludes our cover on the most expensive laptop sleeve in the world!

We hope you enjoyed our article and we will like to know your opinion about this luxurious tech accessory, so make sure you leave it in the comment section below!

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