Most Expensive Lego Sets On the Market Right Now

9 May 2015

10 Most Expensive Lego Sets On the Market Right Now

Hello dear reader! Are you ready to find out about the Most Expensive Lego Sets on the Market? Here is your answer!

Ever since 1932 when Lego has first hit the market, it has changed big time. But originally, Lego was a Denmark company that did actual carpentry work.

As expected, the company got so much bad luck after a workshop fire, the owner and operator Ole Kirk Christiansen moved on and decided to make smaller builds like shelving and ladders.

But he needed that pieces displayed somehow. And that’s how he got the idea of making miniaturized versions of them to give potential customers an idea of what he can do and what the product would look like.

The same miniatures inspired him to expand his business into making toys. And ever since, Lego has gone on to become one of the most popular toys of all time.

As their popularity grow, they’ve made several deals with many properties to base their sets on such as Marvel Heroes, Ghostbusters, and Back to the Future.

In particular, their Star Wars set are consistently big hits and generally have rather high price tags than the usual children sets.

While we are still at the high price tags subject, let’s begin our list with the most expensive Lego sets on the market.

N10. Batman’s Tumbler – $199.99

And so, we begin our list with one of the best Lego set in the world. Called Batman’s Tumbler, this Lego set looks so much like the real thing and you can barely tell it’s a Lego piece.

The set needed some adjustments to look like this, of course. You can purchase it HERE.

Besides the high level of detail, the vehicle kit has the same amount of pieces as an average play-set.

The price tag is set for almost $200 and it has over 1,800 pieces, which means you’re paying almost $0.10 per piece.

That price puts the Lego kit into a new light and perspective. Not many people would pay that much money on a Lego figurine. But the final product makes that money spend totally worth it.

Most Expensive Lego Sets On the Market Right Now
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