Most Expensive Military Helicopters | Top 10

12 August 2014

Most Expensive Military Helicopters | Top 10

For those who like modern warfare movies or like the army and all its gadgets we present to you the most expensive military helicopters in the world a list of top of the line expensive equipment designed to be useful in the sky.

If you ever wondered who supports the military up in the sky with equipment, fuel or troops or if you were curious to know what kind of aircraft can be found in the modern warfare zone you are in the right place.

The military equipment is designed to last and be useful in the most dangerous and remote areas, so the helicopters have the task to be both efficient and safe but also dangerous and quick.

There were designed especially for the military and often are used in non combat maneuvers, the most expensive helicopters are high tech machines who cost a lot of money.

So if you ever wondered what kind of helicopter you saw in the last action movie or what are the cost to even rent it, we assure you that we are talking about million dollar equipment.

So you saw them in movies but they were computer generated, you saw them in the sky but you weren’t able to see the model but now you see them here, you will find out the cost of them and see what they are used for.

This list of most expensive military helicopters was made to show the public that when it comes to costly things the army is the place to find some expensive equipment.

10. The AgustaWestland AW101 Helicopter $21 million

The first helicopter on our list of most expensive military helicopters in the world is the AgustaWestland AW101 an aircraft designed by British and Italian manufacturers.

At a starting price of 21 million dollars we have the first military designated helicopter who can be used also for other purpose.

The firm was created after the joint venture between the Westland Helicopters from UK and Agusta from Italy to fulfill the 2007 need for a modern navy utility helicopter.

With a capacity of 30 passengers, the AgustaWestland AW101 is a large helicopter who has the main purpose missions like corporate and police.

It is a medium-lift helicopter who can be used in both civil and military applications.

The Armed Forces of Britain, Denmark and Portugal are nicknaming the modern utility helicopter Merlin and the anti-submarine warfare transport helicopter can be seen in other armed forces.

So the Canadian, Italian and Japanese maritime self defence forces use the AW101 it being useful also to the president and prime-minister of India.

To the list of clients we can add The United States Marine Corps with the Presidential Marine One helicopters and the VIP’s, customers from Saudi Arabia, ALgeria, Nigeria or Turkmenistan.

Most Expensive Military Helicopters | Top 10
AgustaWestland AW101

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