These are the 10 Most Expensive Cities To Buy an Office In!

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These are the most expensive office spaces in the world

For those who have a blooming business and want to expand or for those who have a start-up and are looking for a location for their headquarters these are the most expensive office spaces in the world.

The market for office spaces is blooming and some areas are continuously rising the price range for those who want to build offices for their businesses.

So guys these place’s not only are home to the best and the richest companies in the world, but as the years pass some of them are being more and more expensive.

If your business is blooming and for the next step you planned for a new office space, or is you want to stand beside the giants of the world, just pick one of the following addresses for you next office.

10. Paris, France – 1338 $ per square meter

The capital of love is featured not only as the most visited city in the world, but this time, it’s economical and financial importance is making it one of the most expensive places to buy an office space.

With 1338 $ per square meter of office space, the Paris area is know to be a place where the economic activity blossomed in the past years.

With most of it’s industry placed in the closest suburbs and with the high-tech manufacturing active, the Paris area is considered one of the most expensive capitals of the world, being also in the list of the most expensive city for luxury housing.

So if you are in the services area or in the domain of manufacturing technology for electronics, optics and aerospace, you could try to open an office here in the west of the city or in the business district situated near the Seine Heights.

#10 Paris France Most Expensive Office Spaces in the World | Top 10 | Image Source:
#10 Paris France Most Expensive Office Spaces in the World | Top 10 | Image Source:
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