Most Expensive Poker Set in the World

13 March 2015

Most Expensive Poker Set in the World

Wondering how much the world’s most expensive poker set costs? Search no more! We have the answer!

Poker becomes more exciting when the stake becomes higher.
Some people play gambling games for fun and some for money so they can pay for school fee or their bank rates.

If you do play for fun then a true poker addict should definitely have in their home the highest-priced poker set in the world.
Having friends at your place for a poker night and bragging a little with your luxurious poker set sounds good, doesn’t it?

Or you can take your entire group of friends and visit one of the world’s best gambling cities. Let’s talk now about this amazing poker set!

Most Expensive Poker Set in the World via
Most Expensive Poker Set in the World via

A combination of precious gems and metals, the costliest poker set is designed by Geoffrey Parker, the London-based maker of the finest games on the globe, and features about 22.400 precious stones totaling 1.012 carats.

And if this wasn’t enough already, the set comes in a case made from alligator skin and the good part is that the buyer can choose what color he wants for the case.

Let’s see what the inside has to offer. The inside features a frame made of 18-carat diamond and gold and 384 18-carat white gold chips embellished with rubies, white and black diamonds, emeralds and sapphires.

Most Expensive Poker Set in the World via
Most Expensive Poker Set in the World via

The edge of each chip from the poker set is adorned with precious gems. For example, the blue ones have sapphires, the red ones have rubies, white diamonds for the white chips, black diamonds for the black, and emeralds are added on the green ones.
The dealer chip is an 18-carat white gold chip with 2 rows of diamonds on the edge. Finally there are 4 platinum-plated decks of poker cards.

Geoffrey Parker gives you the possibility to customize the value of the chip in whatever amount and currency you prefer.

This poker set is also one of the 10 most expensive things made of gold and you’ll have to pay a whopping $7.5 million to own it. Would you?

Most Expensive Poker Set in the World via
Most Expensive Poker Set in the World via

This is the Most Expensive Poker Set in the World!

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