Most Expensive Printing Mistakes

14 September 2014

9. British Harry Potter Misprint: $10,000

Funny thing happened with the first edition of J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”. Not that funny if you think about it though.

The British people mistook her name and credited the book to Joanne Rowling (J.K Rowling real name) instead of her pen name – J.K. Rowling. Because will be so expensive to withdraw all the copies, they thought they should correct the error in the second printing of the book.

When the Harry Potter series was still running, and popular, the books were printed off in thousands of copies.

That led to numerous misprints, including upside down pages and transposed signatures in the binding.

A library in England has offered the pay $10k for a copy of the novel in new condition, including with the printing mistake.

At that time, every Harry Potter book was valuable, but now that the series is over their value slowly went down.

Most Expensive Printing Mistakes  TOP 10
Most Expensive Printing Mistakes TOP 10
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