Most Expensive Scarf in the World

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Most Expensive Scarf in the World

The most expensive scarf in the world is unique and awesome! Check it out!

Scarves are a real important accessory in every outfit, no matter if you are a woman or a man. The most amazing thing they can do, beside make you look good, is they can keep you warm on a cold day or is used to wipe the sweat from your face on a hot day.

Most Expensive Scarf in the World

Either way, a scarf is a good thing to own, trust me because I collect them! Use them to express yourself, your religion, and you taste in fashion.

But which is the most expensive scarf in the world?

I know too expensive maybe? The most expensive scarf in the world  was  sold at auction for $4.8 million at Christie’s in London.

Most Expensive Scarf in the World

This silk scarf began its journey when Zika Ascher, founder of well-known scarf brand Ascher London, went to Paris in 1946 to convince the legendary French artists Pablo Picasso  and Henri Matisse to design this piece of luxury.

It was designed by the famous artist Henri Matisse.The print was produced in a limited run of 30 scarves, but the original was a large scale design that hung in the artist’s studio.

Still have doubts in why is this the most expensive scarf in the world?

Most Expensive Scarf in the World

It is because it was an original print of Matisse entitled Oceanie, La Mer that was based on his visit to Tahiti in 1940 and it kinda have a sentimental value.

Now the ~$500 Hermes scarves are not that expensive anymore, huh? You can buy a lot of them with $4.8 million.


Sam Ascher, the grandson of Zika, who is also the creative director of the brand states in an interview.

“I think this result speaks to the originality of the Ascher Artist Squares project, and of course to the genius of Matisse. It makes me very proud that the concept and the collaborations originated by my grandfather are still treasured today”

What do you think about the most expensive scarf in the world? I’m sure I’d love to have it on my collection. You will get lots of compliments because of the scarf. I think is a good investment for the future.

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