Most Expensive Shoes In The World For Women

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Most Expensive Shoes In The World For Women

Have you ever wondered what are the Most Expensive Shoes In The World For Women? If the answer is yes, today we are answering your question.

Famous Marilyn Monroe once said:

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”.

And we agree with that. Even though we’ve been talking about trends and fashion lately, today we have prepared for you a vintage pair of shoes, but which hasn’t lost its value as the world’s highest priced pair of shoes.

They are bright red, they are a replica of a pair of shoes wore in a famous movie, and they are the most expensive shoes in the world!

Let’s see how they look and how much they cost, shall we?

Most Expensive Shoes In The World For Women

The Wizard of Oz was an outstanding movie, which has inspired fashion over decades. The impressive Ruby Slippers worn by Dorothy on the yellow brick road have remained in history.

5 decades after the movie was released, in 1989, jewellery designer Harry Winston’s son, has decided to commemorate the movie and recreate the famous Ruby Slippers, giving them an outstanding value of millions of dollars.

Most Expensive Shoes In The World For Women

The original slippers were created with simple red sequins, but the designer has decided to go over the top, and after two months of hard work, the world’s costliest shoes were designed with 1350 carats of 4600 rubies and 50 carats of diamonds.

The shoes were not designed to be sold, only Judy Garland, the movie’s lead star, having the honour to try them on.

Most Expensive Shoes For Women In The World

Still wondering how much the Most Expensive Shoes In The World cost? We are telling you now: the price of the Ruby Shoes is no less than $3 million.

They are opulent indeed, aren’t they? But we have to admit, they are luxurious!

Most Expensive Shoes In The World For Women

They might not be the world’s most stylish shoes, but they are the world’s highest priced pair of shoes. With a value of $3 million, Winston is still the designer of the women’s most expensive shoes, even now, in 2014.

These were the most expensive shoes in the world!

What do you think of them? Are they worth $3 million? If they are not really your cup of tea, and you are looking for a more stylish and modern pair of shoes, check out the new fashionable Louboutin collection!

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