Most Expensive Space Travel Memorabilia

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Most Expensive Space Travel Memorabilia | TOP 10

Space has been since forever an unknown place that we, humans still have to discover.

But we began our journey to discover the huge unknown. We have a historic connection with spaceflight, missions, rockets, astronauts and space shuttles.

These types of things are known to be a great deal for the collectors out there. Just like they say, the space is the last frontier.

With that being said, the prices of these memorabilia are more important for some collectors than the items from Titanic memorabilia.

10- Apollo 14 Lunar Module Camera – $80,000

On number 10 we have an object with a lot of history. Apollo 14 was the third mission to land the moon.

They were on the eighth manned mission of the program and for a couple of days, Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell stayed on the moon. What they did there will amaze you.

In 1971 when they were on the moon, they performed two moonwalks. Like literally.

Plus, they also performed some others experiments. Experiments like hitting golf balls.

Also, some moon rocks were collected. If you think I’m bluffing you can’t be more wrong.

The actually recorded and photographed all that with the two 16mm cameras they had brought. One of them was sold for $80,000 at some auction.

10- Apollo 14 Lunar Module Camera – $80,000
10- Apollo 14 Lunar Module Camera – $80,000
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