These Are the Most Expensive Spices in the World!

20 May 2015

These Are the Most Expensive Spices in the World!

Have you ever added spices in your food and asked yourself which are the world’s most expensive spices? Alux has your answer!

Spices are designed to make our food better. They are used not just for flavoring, but also for coloring and preserving food. Or to hide other flavors.

We guarantee that if you add any of the spices down below, you’ll have an amazing culinary experience.

Let’s get straight to business!

5Cinnamon – Price: $6/pound

We start our top 5 list of the costliest spices in the world with cinnamon.

This spice is obtained from the inner bark of a couple of trees from Cinnamomum, genus of evergreen aromatic trees and shrubs belonging to the laurel family Lauraceae.

Cinnamon is a native to Sri Lanka and is also grown in India and Indonesia. In Mexico, it is used in the making of chocolate.

True cinnamon is known as Cinnamomum verum. In ancient times, cinnamon was used to cure the common cold, freckles, snakebites or kidney troubles.

Also, it’s used as a condiment. You can add cinnamon to desserts too, such as doughnuts, cinnamon buns, apple pie or in drinks like coffee, tea, wine, hot cocoa, liqueurs and the list can continue.

A pound of cinnamon costs $6.

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