These Are the Most Expensive Spices in the World!

20 May 2015

4Clove – Price: $7 – $10/pound

Native to Indonesia, this spice also grows in Zanzibar, India, Madagascar, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The clove tree grows up to 12 meters height, having large leaves and flowers. As you already know, the edible part of clove is the dried flower origin.

In Indonesia, cloves are used in a type of cigarette called kretek.

This spice also has modern medicinal uses. It can reduce blood sugar levels, the buds having anti-oxidant properties.
But did you know that clove essence is an important part of many perfumes?

A pound of clove costs between $7 and $10.

Top 5 Most Expensive Spices in the World - EALUXE.COM | Clove
Clove via libweb5.princeton.edu
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