We Ranked 15 Most Expensive Street Foods in the World

17 November 2016

Who says street foods cannot be luxurious? These fifteen most expensive street foods cost more than your fancy dinner!

Normally, street foods are ready-to-eat foods or beverages sold by vendor or hawker. They are commonly known as affordable and can be found in every corner of the city’s street. But these most expensive street foods are breaking those rules.

Whether we realize it or not, street food is a part of our culture which tells a lot about the identity of one nation. Because each street food is unique and different from one place to another. But who are we to decide that street food should always be cheap?

Cheap street food can be transformed to super expensive food because of its special ingredients and technique in the process of making. And that is exactly the case for these most expensive street foods.

Some of the world-renowned chefs, or even celebrity chefs, did their magic to what commonly known as street foods. And voila! These luxury foods were born. Without further ado, let’s start the countdown. And brace yourself for what is coming: the ultimate food porn!

15. Café on the Green’s Taco ($100)

We Ranked 15 Most Expensive Street Foods in the World | #15. Café on the Green's Taco ($100)
We Ranked 15 Most Expensive Street Foods in the World | #15. Café on the Green’s Taco ($100) | source: pinterest.com

When it comes to Mexican food, taco may be the most popular. Taco is basically tortilla bread with some fillings. Usually it includes meat, vegetables, pork, cheese, seafood, or chicken with Mexican style of seasoning.

Not many people know that Mexican already ate taco by the 18th century. It was brought to United States by Mexican immigrants in 19th century. More likely, Los Angeles was the first city visited by taco. And as its popularity grows, taco made its way from food trucks to restaurants.

In October 2015, Café on the Green at the Four Season Resort and Club offered extraordinary trio of taco with $100 price tag per portion. $20 of each sale went to benefit cancer services at Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center.

One plate of this special taco consists of Wagyu Beef Taco, Maine Lobster Taco, and Hudson Valley Foie Gras Taco. Each of them was made with exclusive ingredients. The wagyu taco came with Japanese wagyu folded into a blue-corn taco shell and topped with seasonal mushrooms, caramelized onion, micro cilantro, and a truffle béarnaise sauce. As for the lobster taco, it was grilled white-corn tortilla with caviar pearl, petite mustard, Aleppo chili, and lime crème fraîche. And last but not least, the foie gras one was garnished with duck confit, sea salt, sesame seed, gold leaf, and Valrhona-chocolate mole.

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