These Are the Most Expensive Tree Houses in the World!

21 May 2015

9The Monstro II – Price: $40.000

Next on our top list is The Monstro II, priced at $40.000.

This tree house is designed especially for children!

Daniels Wood Land‘s tree house features an 8’ diameter log with an amazing sized bunkhouse secured atop, a front and back door, a small staircase and a balcony, ideal for gazing at the stars.

You can see how the house is intentionally lopsided. Little details are the most important ones, like the bear bench, the little bird house and the lantern, things that your children will definitely love.

Top 10 Most Expensive Tree Houses in the World - EALUXE | The Monstro II
The Monstro II via therichest.com
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