Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands

13 December 2014

Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands | TOP 10

I say we start the list with 10 most expensive women shoe brands!

A woman can never have enough shoes! That’s an unwritten rule so old that they didn’t have to write it.

High heels give a certain power to the woman that is wearing the shoes, a power that can help the lady accomplish anything.

And of course give a woman power and she will conquer all. Basically a really nice outfit and a pair of pricy shoes can give any woman the power she needs.

Because the power is confidence, and the confidence comes from knowing you look great in an outfit and a matched pair of shoes.

Now, the designers are aware of this power, and they come up with the wildest ideas when it comes to shoes.

They want to conquer the footwear market and will try everything to succeed. Even to make the most expensive shoes.

These are the most expensive women shoe brands in the world! Take a look and be amazed!

#10 Gucci

Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands  #10 Gucci
Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands #10 Gucci |via: bloomingdales.com|

Price range – $600-800 onwards

The Italian luxury brand has its headquarters down in Florence. Gucci is one of the most popular brands in world.

They are famous for the luxury leather bags as well for the shoes they design. Also famous for their comfort in addition to quality, Gucci’s items are worth the money.

Starting in the $600-$800 range and going up from there, the cost is just in range if you decide you want a pair of cool, quality shoes.

Last year the brand was valued at $12.1 billion with sales over $4.7 billion. And Forbes magazine noticed that and ranked them the 38th most valuable brand.
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