Most Expensive X-Men Comic Book in the World

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Most Expensive X-Men Comic-Book in the World

Comic-book nerds is time to talk about the Most Expensive X-Men Comic-Book in the World!

Imagine how happy you’ll feel to if you had to be the owner of this expensive comic-book.

Superheroes are and ever will be peoples’ favorite.

Is all because of the way that a common individual can relate and identify himself with a superhero.

Take Spider-Man for example, Peter Parker was a geek that no one really liked and under the mask of Spider-Man he became one of the most loved superheroes ever.

We know that comic-books were always popular. Just like this X-Man Comic-Book.

Most Expensive X-Men Comic-Book in the World comic-book

How are these X-Men people? They were a team of superheroes first appeared in X-Men #1 in September 1963.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were the creators of the X-Men team.

Fact: If you did know the name of the team is a reference to the “X-Factor”, an unknown gene that causes mutant evolution.

Most Expensive X-Men Comic-Book in the World cover (2)
Most Expensive X-Men Comic-Book in the World cover

Another interesting fact is Martin Goodman the Marvel publisher did not liked the initial name “Xtra Powers”, “The Mutants”. He said that the team must be called after their mentor, the Professor Xavier.

And so the first publication of the X-Men became the most expensive one.

The most expensive X-Men Comic-Book in the world is “X-Men #1” and it costs more than $100.000.

The comic-book also features the first appearance of the Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Angel and Iceman and also the introduction of Professor X and Magneto.

Making the first number of the series the most expensive and the most popular one.

Most Expensive X-Men Comic-Book in the World file
Most Expensive X-Men Comic-Book in the World file

Consider that the comic-book will increase its value in the future.

Is a fact that the X-Men team are the most popular characters in comic-books. Some of these characters also have their own movie.

And the newest ”X-Men: Days of the Future Past” is coming on the big screens on May 23rd.

Make sure you go and watch the movie, because I’m sure it will worth the money spend on the ticket. Just like the other X-Men movies.

How much do you like the X-Men team? Are they your favorite superheroes?

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