Most Expensive Comic Book Ever Sold

9 October 2015

Most Expensive Comic Book Ever Sold

If you’re wondering which is the most expensive comic book, Ealuxe has the answer!

With the apparition of DC Comics & Marvel, the industry has seen record sales.

In the technology area the comics are digital, so you can read it on your iPhone, iPad and/or other devices.

But the costliest comic book is old school, an actual book that someone happened to find it on the wall of their new home.

Called ‘Action Comics 1’ , the book is the first issue of the original run of the comic book series ‘Action Comics’ and consists of a compendium of stories including ‘Zatara Master Magician’, ‘The Adventures of Marco Polo’, ‘Stardust’, ‘Sticky-Mitt Stimson’, ‘Scoop Scanlon the Five Star Reporter’ and the first appearance of ‘Superman’.

Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the highest priced comic book ever sold fetched $2.89 million.

Most Expensive Comic Book Ever Sold - EALUXE.COM | Action Comics 1
Action Comics 1 via pursuitist.com

In the content of the book you can find out about baby Superman who is dispatched to Earth by his father from a ‘distant planet’ (because there is no mention of Krypton) suffering a cataclysm.

He spends his life in a orphanage where he found out he has super-strength, super-speed and can leap great heights and long distances but is not mentioned he can actually fly.

With less than 100 copies left in the world not many of them are in a decent condition and the comic book has a rating of 9.0 which means it is near-mint condition.

Most Expensive Comic Book Ever Sold - EALUXE.COM | Sticky-Mitt Stimson
Sticky-Mitt Stimson via fourcolorshadows.blogspot.com

A man found the comic book in his house in Minnesota, but that copy was priced only at $175k.
The most valuable comic book ever sold once belonged to Nicolas Cage and it was the first comic ever to break the $2 million barrier at auction in March 2010.

The starting bid was just $1 but there was a reserve price of $900.000, far more than the 10 cents it sold for when published in 1938.

The identity of the buyer has not been revealed, but it’s hard to imagine it being your average comic book collector.

Most Expensive Comic Book Ever Sold - EALUXE.COM | Action Comics 1
Action Comics 1 via en.wikipedia.org

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