10 Most Successful Bank Robberies In History

15 August 2015

10 Most Successful Bank Robberies In History

You seem them on TV and some of them inspired the most successful films, this is the most successful bank robberies in history.

There are, according to the FBI, nearly 4,000 bank robberies per year in the US alone. But despite that happen so often, it’s rare that the thieves will get away unpunished. With some exceptions of course.

What is the first thing that comes into your head when you think about bank robberies? How you visualize the thieves?

Personally, I see them as Bonnie and Clyde, short of way. If someone’s living outside the law, escaping the clutches of the police, and so on, make a few elements for some great stories and legendary movies.

But these days, bank robberies have progressed way beyond our understanding, and are now carried out online by advanced hackers and digital criminals who steal identities and break out into secure systems.

That is not the case for some of the most successful bank robberies in history, they really had criminals walking into the bank and grabbing the cash, without the use of technology, and in many cases they even got away with it.

In order to pull off a successful bank heist, bank robbers have to use clever creativity and cunning strategy to avoid being caught.

Let’s take a look at the bank robberies that put a mark on history!

N10. Dunbar Armored: The “Inspector’s” Conspiracy (1997) – $19 million

Number 10 is the Dunbar Armored robbery which is considered to be one of the largest heists in the history of U.S.

The largest cash robbery also happened to be an inside job. The guy who planned this was a regional safety inspector for Dunbar, Allen Pace.

He needed five guys in order to pull this off, and recruited some of his childhood friends to ambush the guards at a stocked cash drop vault on a Friday night.

Once they gained access to the loot, they loaded up a U-Haul and escaped, nearly getting away with the whole thing until one of the perpetrators got sloppy and eventually confessed.

Until this day, more than half of the money remains unaccounted for.

10 Most Successful Bank Robberies In History
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