Motivation to get fitter: TOP 10 Ideas

21 February 2016

Motivation to get fitter: TOP 10 Ideas

Motivation to get fitter, yeah you know it’s starting to get warmer outside and you’re going to want to wear less clothes, so now is the perfect time to start getting in shape!

We’ve created a list of ideas that are meant to make you put down that McFlurry, grab a fruit shake, some friends and go running.

Extend your limits and your endurance, grow stronger, push yourself each time and try new things, it’s the only way to keep moving forward and conquering new territory!

Without further ado, here goes! Your top 10 ideas to find motivation to get fitter.

1.Always have ambition.

If you don’t really have the body shape you desire, then go get it!

If you are already in great shape, work hard to keep it this way!

Try to challenge yourself each time and never set a final point to your destination, just keep going!

Motivation to get fitter: TOP 10 Ideas
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2.The sports part.

Just to be fair, you don’t have to lift 100 kg to get fitter, have your own pace, the important thing is to just keep going.

Find a type of exercise that you enjoy, and do it regularly!

Maybe you like to workout at home, then you can find lots of trainers on youtube that can show you different types of moves so that you never get bored and the corect way to practise them; one really cool gal out there is Cassey Ho.

If you are the ‘gym’ type you can either search some moves on the web and just recreated them, or you can hire a trainer to keep you going and to spare you the research.

Motivation to get fitter: TOP 10 Ideas
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3.The food part.

News flash, if you’re working out like crazy but still order pizza in the midle of the night, it’s most likely alll for nothing.

Try incorporating healthier things like fruits and vegetables into your meals and trust me, you won’t even feel the need to eat junk food anymore!

You can find great smoothie recipes on pinterest, easy to make and they suit all tastes.

Motivation to get fitter: TOP 10 Ideas smoothies
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4.Find music that makes you move!

You surely know that music is one of the things that always helps to get on your feet and moving, wether it’s working out music, something to pump you up or you just spend a whole night dancing your soul out with your friends at the club.

Make different playlists for yourself and it will definitely be easier to get motivated and start moving.

Motivation to get fitter: TOP 10 Ideas
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5.Find an actual sport you like!

From swimming to tennis, to snowboarding to skydiving, there are so many out there to choose from, you are sure to find one that you actually enjoy!

Motivation to get fitter: TOP 10 Ideas
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6.Training Gear!

Ladies, we all know how much you wanted to hit the gym after buying that Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra!

Having the proper comfortable yet stylish outfit can help get you out that door, up and about, just try it, you are guaranteed to feel better!

Motivation to get fitter: TOP 10 Ideas
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7.Friends are always a good idea!

Feeling like you always get bored at the gym?

Hate running alone?

You know what the answer to those problems is, grab a buddy or your loved one and get healthy together, while having fun, of course!

Motivation to get fitter: TOP 10 Ideas
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8.Steal some inspiration from your favourite celebs!

Lots of famous people have to workout like crazy to keep being fit, just like regular people, huh?

Motivation to get fitter usually comes from seeing other people do it.

Nobody will blame you if you’ve got a Victoria’s Secret Angel as your wallpaper just to keep you motivated.

You can even see our picks for celebs who inspire us to hit the gym.

Motivation to get fitter: TOP 10 Ideas
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9.Being in shape makes you more confident.

You want to turn heads whenever you walk past people? Getting in shape might be the best way to achieve that!

Nobody can turn down a fit person, you will be more confident in yourself and your decisions if you decide to find motivation to get fitter.

Motivation to get fitter: TOP 10 Ideas
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10.The way you feel.

If you are healthy you will have that amazing glow, the one that spreads happiness in every direction.

You will be at peace with yourself, body and soul.

You will feel like nothing can stop you and most importantly you will learn to love yourself.

Trying out activities like meditation or yoga, basically anything that helps you de-connect from the busy world outside will help calm you down and get rid of any negative vibes.

Motivation to get fitter: TOP 10 Ideas
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Motivation to get fitter can come from anywhere, you can find inspiration in almost anything if you just keep your eyes wide open for opportunities.

Keep in mind though, that obesity is a world wide problem that affects more and more people, it is much easier to help prevent it than to actually treat it, so eat clean, keep practising sports and above all reach to be happy with yourself!