Must-Have Trend for Luxury Bathrooms: Steam Shower

29 March 2014

Must-Have Trend for Luxury Bathrooms: Steam Shower

Relaxation under the shower has reached a whole new level. There is a new Must-have trend for luxury bathrooms: Steam Shower.

Steam showers look very good and are a great accessory for any luxurious bathroom, but they have lots of other benefits too.

Steam therapy will improve your life by reducing stress and relaxing your muscles. It is proven to contribute positively to diverse aspects of good physical health.

If you worry that is difficult to have one of those in your house, find out that now it is easier than ever to install one in your own home.

They are fashionable, they will contribute to your well-being and you can have one in your own bathroom. Let’s see some of the coolest steam showers you can own:

Steam Shower from Douchedouche - Copy

Imagine enjoying some steam baths like the Greeks and Romans did in this futuristic shower. Your tension from your muscles and toxins from your body will be eliminated thanks to this health-enhancing bath.

This type of steam shower may be enjoyed with scent or the harmonious colors of chromotherapy to suit your mood.

Steam Shower from WMKvmx - Copy

Here is one that can be personalized to your own taste, where you can create your own personal atmospheric world of stimulation and relaxation.

Depending on your mood you can choose from listening to the sound of the radio, CD stereo or if you prefer to stay connected to the outside world, the shower can be programmed to gently inform you of incoming calls, which can be answered hands-free if you so desire.

Plus, you can choose how the light, the sensation, for instance foot massage or whirlpool bath and even drench your body in an Amazonian-style rain shower.

Jacuzzi Steam ShowerMust-Have Trend for Luxury Bathrooms: Steam Shower

It doesn’t matter if you like steam showers or not, you will love this one. It is so elegant because of its colors: black and glass panels that offer a crystal-clear view of the smooth, sweeping teak seat inside.

Generous sizing ensures maximum comfort seated or standing and the high-performance steam generator and hydromassage alternatives will pamper you like never before.

Duravit Steam Showerdevit - Copy

You can share this amazing shower cabin with your loved one or fold down the 2 seats to make a bench if desired.

What is great about this one is its creative design that combines Natural wood and frame-less silicone-free safety glass. Also, many of its characteristics are adjustable, so you can make changes of shower heads, water hoses and nozzles.

Luxury Steam Shower from Glass Idromassaggio0003050_anthropos-140 - Copy

With this shower cabin you won’t have to leave your house if you wish some spa treatments.

You will have in your own bathroom hydromassage pinpoints that sore muscles, increasing circulation and rejuvenating your senses, a ‘Raindance Air’ showerhead plus various sight and scent therapies at your home.

Plus, the minimalist anodized aluminum columns of this steam shower will make your bathroom looks very classy.

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