Celine Dion Net Worth in 2021

How much is Celine Dion Worth?

$780 million

Businesswoman, Singer

Canada, United States

March 30, 1968

Canadian, French


Celine Dion Net Worth $780 million

Celine Dion salary $80,000,000

Celine Dion Net Worth: How rich is Celine Dion? & How much money is Celine Dion worth? Time to find out!

Celine Dion is a Canadian singer and businesswoman and her current net worth is $780 million.

Born in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada as the youngest of 14 children of Therese, a homemaker, and Adhemar Dion, a butcher, she is of French-Canadian descent.

Raised as a Roman Catholic she grew up in a poverty-stricken home, but according to her a happy home.

Growing up music has had a major role in her family, with her parents naming her Celine from the French singer Hugues Aufray’s song.

She made her first public appearance at her brother Michael’s wedding. At the age of five,  she performed “Du fil des aiguilles et du coton” by Christine Charbonneau.

Since that moment she continued to perform with her siblings in her parent’s piano bar called Le Vieux Baril.

She has dreamed to become a performer from an early age. At 12, she collaborated with her mother and her brother to write and compose her first song called Ce n’était qu’un rêve/ It Was Only a Dream.

Thanks to her brother, Michel who sent the recording to a music manager named René Angélil, she got where she is.

When Angelil listened to the recording he knew that she is going to be a star.

Later he put a mortgage on his home to fund her first record, which later became a local no. 1 hit, and turned her into a star in Quebec.

She became popular in other parts of the world with her 1982 Yamaha World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo, Japan. There she won the musician’s award for Top Performer, and also the gold medal for Best Song with Tellement j’ai d’amour pour toi.

After she represented Switzerland in the 1988 Eurovision Song contest with Ne partez pas sans moi song, she became even more popular.

Angelil realized that she needed to change her image in order to achieve international success. He sent her to get dental surgery, as well as to improve her English with the Ecole Berlitz.

She injured her voice during a concert and a specialist advised her to have immediate surgery on her vocal cords or do not utilize them at all for three weeks.

She chose to not utilize them for three weeks and underwent vocal training with William Riley.

Her music, influenced by genres ranging from rock and R&B to gospel and classical, is mostly in French and English. She also sings in Spanish, Italian, German and more.

During her career she has won several awards and nominations including five Grammy Awards. She is the second best-selling female artist in the US during the Nielsen SoundScan era.

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