Chris Sacca Net Worth in 2021

How much is Chris Sacca Worth?

$1.25 billion

Entrepreneur, Investor

United States

May 12, 1975

Italian, Irish


Chris Sacca Net Worth $1.25 billion

Chris Sacca salary $220,000,000

Chris Sacca Net Worth: How rich is Chris Sacca? & How much money is Chris Sacca worth? Time to find out!

Chris Sacca is a former American venture investor, company advisor and entrepreneur and his current net worth is $1.25 billion.

The proprietor of Lowercase Capital, a venture capital fund in the US, which invested in seed and early-stage tech companies like Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Twilio and Kickstarter, is one of the richest cast members of the ABC’s Shark Tank.

Born and raised in Lockport, New York, as the oldest son of an attorney, and a professor at SUNY State and author in the field of education.

He has a younger brother, the actor/comedian Brian Sacca.

Growing up, he attended Lockport High School in Lockport, New York. He also went to in State University of New York, where he studied advanced mathematics.

After the six years of taking graduate-level mathematics classes, he wanted to pursue a college degree where he would have no math.

He went to The Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. After which he spent semesters abroad at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador in Quito, Ecuador.

But also went to the University College Cork, in Cork, Ireland, and the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain, as part of the abroad studies he took.

Few years later he graduated with honors and became an Edmund Evans Memorial Scholar as well as a Weeks Family Foundation Scholar.

Upon graduating, he attended Georgetown University Law Center, where he finished with a Juris Doctor cum laude.

While there, he received the school’s Philip A. Ryan and Ralph J. Gilbert Memorial Scholar, as well as being a member of The Tax Lawyer law review.

During his law studies, he used his student loans to establish a company, but proved to be unsuccessful. He used what could get back and started trading on the stock market.

He managed to turn 10-20 thousand dollars into 12 million dollars, by simply discovering a flaw in the software of online trading brokers.

But the market crashed and he found himself in debt with a four million dollar negative balance. However he managed to repay the debt by February 2005.

He started his career as an associate at Fenwick & West in Silicon Valley. While there, he handled venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, as well as licensing transactions.

The company fired him after 13 months of working for them.

In the next few years, he did whatever he had to in order to survive in Silicon Valley. He drafted contracts for $50 on Craigslist and did some voice over work for some companies.

In 2013 he landed at Speedera Networks, which led to a Google job, in November that same year.

At Google he became Corporate Counsel reporting to General Counsel David Drummond.

While there, he received the company’s highest honor, finished some important projects like TV white spaces spectrum initiatives. He even led some of the company’s business development and Mergers and acquisition transactions.

In 2007, after many opportunities have presented for him to work with small companies, he left Google.

Because he didn’t have that much money to start a venture, he decided to invest in some companies to help secure his return of investment. Among those companies, we recall: Twitter, and Uber.

But his first investment became Photobucket, which back then it belonged to Fox’s parent company News Corp. Then he invested into Twitter for $25,000.

In December 2007 he established the venture capital firm Lowercase Capital.

According to Forbes and Fortune, Lowercase is one of the most successful venture capital funds in history.

He recently announced that he is giving up on venture investing and leaving Shark Tank.

During his time at Shark Tank, he invested in HatchBaby, Bee Free Honee, Rent Like a Champion, and Brightwheel, Nomiku, Popup Play and ToyMail.

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