Philipp Plein Net Worth in 2021

How much is Philipp Plein Worth?

$180 million

Fashion Designer


February 16, 1978


It's complicated

Philipp Plein Net Worth $180 million

Philipp Plein salary $30,000,000

Philipp Plein Net Worth: How rich is Philipp Plein? & How much money is Philipp Plein worth? Time to find out!

Philipp Plein is a German fashion designer and theĀ founder of the Phillip Plein International Group which includes the Philipp Plein, Plein Sport, and Billionaire Couture brands.

He is a controversial figure in the fashion world, being completely self-funded and putting on creative fashion shows. His brand has seen a tremendous rise in the last couple of years.

Philipp Plein has a net worth of $180 million from his fashion ventures.

His rapid expansion of all his 3 brands put him on the map and even won him 2016’s GQ Fashion Man of the Year.

We made an entire video on 15 things you didn’t know about Philipp Plein which you can watch here, or at the bottom of this profile!

How did Philipp Plein get famous?

He started out designing luxury beds for dogs which caught the attention of interior design experts and then moved into fashion. He started making bags and accessories from the leftover leathers from his other projects and the rest is history.

He acquired fame by shocking people with his fashion shows or having celebrities like Floyd Mayweather, Kim Kardashian, Snoop Dogg wear his products.

As a promotional strategy for his fashion brands he frequently uses social media stars to draw even more attention to what his doing and it’s been working great for him.

It doesn’t hurt that he himself has become a social media star, by posting photos and videos about his lavish lifestyle and his daily hustle.

Our favorite Philipp Plein Quote:

”I don’t believe in luck, luck is for losers! If you work hard you don’t need luck!”

philipp plein quote by Alux.com ''I don't believe in luck, luck is for losers! If you work hard you don't need luck!''
Philipp Plein quote by Alux.com

How does Philipp Plein make money?

He has close to 100 retail locations all around the world where he sells luxury items which range from apparel to furniture.

One of the most interesting strategies Plein has implemented is starting 3 separate fashion brands and running wild with all 3.

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